Шахматный клубPlaying the game of chess is essential for transforming a child into a responsible, disciplined, and wise human being.

Chess is extremely helpful in brain development, particularly when it is played regularly from a very early age.
Chess club at ESTHER center provide children of different age (4-8) with practicing chess on a regular basis. Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from the childhood improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Practicing Chess regularly also aids in improving the self-confidence of the child, which is extremely essential for the child’s growth.
Our chess club is inclusive – healthy children and children with special needs are playing chess together under the head of a professional trainer and a master of FIDE.
  Шахматный клуб Шахматный клубШахматный клуб Шахматный клуб