ESTHER center has created conditions for the implementation of inclusive education and programs for special children. Our programs involve children with severe pathologies of psychological and physiological nature, including autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia, disorders of behavior.
Подготовка к школе для особых детей, Центр ЭСТЕР, метро Водный стадион
Highly qualified teachers and specialists of the Center, among them – defectologists, speech therapists, psychologists, art therapists, music therapists – provide assistance to such children in correctional and developmental activities.
We offer the following services:
1. A comprehensive psycho-educational diagnostic services (speech therapist, pathologist, neuropsychology, family psychologist).
2. Individual and mini-group (2-3 kids) remedial and developmental classes for children with school failure, language delay and mental retardation, disorders of behavior and emotional-volitional sphere, dyslexia, dysgraphia etc.
3. Group correctional and educational classes:
– groups of preparation for school for special children (autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit with hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, severe speech disorders, mental retardation)– 5-7 children in the group,
– development of spatial representations by construction methods (group neuropsychological correction for children of preschool and primary school age with learning difficulties),
Подготовка к школе для особых детей (РАС, СДВГ, гиперактивность, нарушения речи, ЗРР, ЗПР и другие. В группах и минигруппах. Центр ЭСТЕР, метро Водный стадион, САО– preparing a special child for school,
– development of speech and cognitive sphere, communication skills.
 Аня на занятии Congratulations to Annie! After a half a year course of special program of preparing to school at the ESTHER center, she passed successfully through the tests and was accepted at “Ets Haim” school. Next school year Ann will continue her studies at Art therapy group.

Diana has cerebral palsy. She is very resilient child and likes to communicate with other children. At the ESTHER center Diana has opportunity to develop communication and independence skills. In February 2014 for the first time, Diana kept her 7th birthday outdoors, at the ESTHER center with her friends. We wish Diana all the best!

Кирилл Kirill studies at special corrective school. He is very sporty boy, likes to bike and rink. One of the main problems was  that Kirill had no friends. At the ESTHER center he got the opportunity to contact with friendly people made friends. He participats at the “ Madrihim school” and takes part at various master classes. Besides, Kirill has an individual program of study with teachers and psychologists. In April, 2014 for the first time in his life Kirill and his family participated at Pesah seder
Нина Nina is from a family where 2 more children are disable from the childhood. She used to say: “My family is sick”. Nina had bad problems at school and bad marks. She felt herself very non-confident. During 2013-2014 school year Nina worked hard with psychologists and participated at the Art therapy course. We cannot say that Nina has made a great progress, but she makes friends with other and became more confident and self-sufficient today.